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Most of the shower enclosures in the catalog can be made to measure to meet your space requirements, such as side connections, low walls, mansard ceilings, special heights.

The quotation service can deal with all customer-related design situations through the standard and special solutions that Megius offers: special cuts of glass, special inclined profile joints, customised measurements, etc.

The attached form presents various possibilities for special solutions, with the possibility of indicating exactly the measures necessary for the construction of the shower enclosure.

Custom designed
Custom finish
Dedicated glass cutting
Made in Italy
Compatible with most models

Beware of slopes and crooked walls

In technical jargon we speak of out-of-square walls when these are not perfectly perpendicular to the floor. This, together with excessive slopes of the shower tray due to incorrect installation or uneven floors, can clearly create problems during the installation phase and can constrain the choice of the suitable model of shower enclosure. The technician who carries out the measurements must use a tool called a bubble to detect these structural defects, which will be communicated together with the other measurements.