Shower tray Technart

3 cm

shower tray thickness

10 colorings

smooth and stone

50 cm

shower tray edge

Drain cover included

in colour or steel

anti bacterial
thermal resistance
cut to size


With a view to providing a coordinated, designer total look, Technart is an interesting addition to the bathroom furniture scene.

Composed of a mixture of mineral resins, the surface layer is not only painted but is coated externally with a technical enamel, Gelcoat, with a matt aesthetic effect that improves its cleaning and water-slide properties; this coating combines excellent resistance with complete restorability of the surface, thanks to a kit with a paste of the same color.

With a matt appearance, the finishes offered are smooth or stone and the colors range from classic white to Tortora, Cappuccino, Smoke Grey, and Karbon Black, for an optimal combination with the other elements in the bathroom. As a standard, the steel cover can also be chosen in the same color as the plate. Caring for these trays is quick and easy. It is sufficient to clean the surface with soapy water or common detergents to remove most of the stains and dirt that can be deposited.

This results in a clean and minimalist design that is both essential and unique, as the partition is devoid of elementary fixings.

Questo determina una pulizia e un minimalismo dal design essenziale e unico, poiché il separè è privo di fissaggi elementari.


– Frosted surface
– Scratch repair kit available
– Clean and essential aesthetics

Technart custom

your custom-made shower tray

The standard Technart series of trays cover all commonly used sizes, but for more special situations, the Technart Custom series can offer different solutions with:

– The Custom 1 version, with lateral recess, allows cutting along the length of the flat part with the regeneration of the edge in the finish.

– The Custom 2 version with a central recess allows cutting from two sides, again with the regeneration of the finished edge.

– The Custom 3 version with dedicated 70/80/90 bowl sizes.

– The DO IT YOURSELF version can be cut on-site