Perfectly shiny, transparent and “anti-grip” of water… this is Protective

Protective is the Megius treatment that resists water adherence. By applying a form of nano-technology to its surface, the glass is made even smoother, thus avoiding considerable amounts of water remaining on the glass. Protective is permanent and environmentally friendly.


For long-lasting brilliant glass

Kit Cleaning Protective

Keep the water repellent action of water stagnating on the surfaces lasting, avoiding the deposition of soapy and calcareous residues.

Kit Home Protective

This product, thanks to a water-repellent action, prevents water from stagnating on surfaces, avoiding the deposition of soapy and limestone residues. It forms an invisible film that protects the glass, taps, bathroom fixtures and tiles, giving a glossy appearance to the treated surfaces.

Kit Maintenance

Product for cleaning and maintaining glass treated with Protective Glass. Special product for cleaning the shower box, non-abrasive. It easily removes soap residues, body fats and light limescale deposits and disinfects, in order to improve bathroom hygiene. Essentially developed to ensure the performance of glass over time, improving and enhancing it. Finally, it ensures that the glass is always perfectly transparent, shiny and easy to clean.


Gel detergent ideal for removing soapy residues mixed with limescale from shower cubicles, tiles, taps, bathroom fixtures, mirrors and chrome plating. The components make the treated surface water-repellent, slowing down the formation of limescale. The particular sanitizing action makes it very suitable for use in the bathroom.