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Nowadays, almost everyone has heard the word “Sauna” and knows what we are talking about. For those who want to know more, in this post you will find everything you need to know about the world of the sauna: from temperature to clothing, from benefits to internal components and why not, even some curiosity.

The word sauna is an old Finnish word that could originally have been linked to the meaning of winter dwelling; in fact, every house (or almost every house) has its own sauna, to get through the long, cold winters in Finland, taking a sauna at least once a week on average.


Megius proposes and produces Finnish Saunas and Bio-Saunas with the constant search for improvement of the product both from the point of view of design, quality of materials used, research of woods with possible combinations of glass combined with new technologies available on the market.

Have you ever wondered what benefits the sauna can have on your body?

We reveal the 3 benefits:

Purifies the body

The sweat produced during a sauna (dry or wet) helps eliminate toxins from the body, which also improves immune function.

Dismantles lactic acid and relaxes the muscles

Saunaing relaxes the muscles better than a simple hot bath or shower. After a workout, for example, the sauna is very suitable, since it helps to relieve micro-tears in the muscle cells and to dispose of lactic acid sooner, thanks again to sweating and the dilation of blood vessels.

Eliminates stress and insomnia

The benefits of the sauna are not only physical but also psychological. Sweating and relaxation not only eliminate toxins and tension, but also anxiety. Stress levels decrease, thanks also to the slower pace of the treatment. You begin to sleep better and are also positively affected during the day.

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