Shower Enclosure 120x80, 90x90, 80x80

Evolutionary changes in shower sizes

Shower Enclosure 120×80, 90×90, 80×80

140x90 cm
120x80 cm
100x70 cm
90x90 cm
80x80 cm

Shower Enclosure 120×80

The concept of small shower enclosures is now outdated because when we want to enjoy a nice shower at the end of the day for a bit of relaxation, it is right to also have the right space where we can move, in addition to having a nice design product.

The shower enclosures 120×80 proposed in this section, can be installed on all shower trays of the same size on our website in the shower furniture section.

Shower Enclosure 90×90

Finding the right sizes for shower enclosures and finding a product that meets what we are looking for is always difficult. Megius, always attentive to customer requests, tries to meet your every need, offering different solutions.

Among the proposed models of shower enclosures 90×90, you will find various types of openings, glass, and finishes. Each model has been carefully chosen to offer maximum functionality with a refined aesthetic.

Shower Enclosure 80×80

Shower enclosure sizes 80×80 are a must in the world of shower enclosures and Megius offers you a wide range of products to fit in your bathroom.

On this page you will find different models of shower enclosures with various types of glass and finishes; also, shower trays for these sizes are available on the page of our website shower furniture.