Shower enclosure

Shower enclosure

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The Megius group, over a period of 40 years, has interpreted the changes in taste and style in the shower area,
anticipating trends through avant-garde solutions that are now part of the design culture of the sector, through design tempered glass shower enclosures suitable for every need.

Ranging from aluminum and steel profiles to tempered glass in all popular thicknesses and acrylic,
everyone can find the right designer shower enclosure in tempered glass to suit their needs.

Shower enclosure folding door

Project Mur, simply glass

Project Mur, exaltation of unique glass slab

Projects Eter, checkmate in the shower

Projects Axer, play of light in stainless steel

Project Eter, first class touch

Project Lotus, steel with essencial design

Project Solodoccia Evo pivot, a style matter

Project Room with view on Solodoccia Evo

Project Solodoccia Evo, only you and your shower

Project ICONA, the perfect fit

Live sliding

zen pivot

Project Zen in red and black

Project Zen in yellow

Project Zen in blue

Project Zen in sea blue

Project Zen in blu cement tiles

Project Icona in the country house

Project Lotus, enfolding steel

Project Zen, double step

Project Icona, view on the hills

Live pivot

Live folding

Project Mur, scenographic side scene

Axer sliding

Lotus pivot


Illusion sliding

Zen XL sliding

Project Zen “archidea”

Stile libero

Icona separè

Lux separè

Prisma 1.0 pivot

Prisma 2.0 pivot

Project Eter, material contrasts

Project Mur, check to the shower enclosure

Project Zen, minimal shower enclosure

Project Solodoccia, only design

Project Solodoccia from Milan roofs

Project Solodoccia in double step

Project Light, elegance and style

Project Light in him/her bathroom

Zen sliding

Zen pivot

Project Axer, elite inox

Project Light in yellow

Project Light, design white

Sofist Project, technical solution

More Live sliding

Vitros separè

Eter separè

Illusion separè

Solodoccia Evo separè

Solodoccia pivot


Solodoccia Evo sliding

Web 1.0

Web 2.0

Web 3.0

Web 5.0




Pagoda folding


Art Box Chiaroscuro

Shower tray Technart

Naif sliding

Vanity sliding

Classic sliding

Sprint sliding

Ultralive sliding

Ultralive pivot

More live pivot

Live Top pivot

Live Top sliding


Naif pivot

Vanity pivot

Classic pivot

Sprint sliding

modello A1-mod_rgb 2_materia

Materia separè

modello A1-mod_rgb 2_materia

Materia pivot


Live Top separè

More live folding


Naif folding

vanity soffietto

Vanity folding

Classic folding

Sprint soffietto

Sprint folding

Shower Tray Corian

Shower Tray Tabula

Shower Tray Planus

Stripe Shower Column

Kromos shower column

Tube Shower Column

Line Shower Column



Project Artbox: art takes shape

sovrana argento battente

Progetto Decò: un raffinato momento di lusso

progetto verona more live 11

Project More Live and more colors

legnago live top a1s

Project Live Top, to live at the best

progetto verona web 3.0 7

Web 3.0, hotel suite

progetto verona web 1.0 3

Web 1.0, the future shower enclosure

live top p1s

Project Live Top