Sliding door shower enclosure

The advantage of a sliding shower enclosure is that it takes up no space and ensures that the water is sealed without leaking out, thanks to the positioning of the glass panes on the sliding rails, and the fluidity of movement is provided by the special bearings on which the doors slide.

When Megius speaks of a shower enclosure with sliding closure, it is referring to the concept of the contemporary shower, i.e. a design product, functional and simple, studied down to the smallest detail.

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Sliding doors can be more or less complex depending on the width of the shower niche. For ease of entry, it is advisable to opt for this model from 110 cm upwards. For niches from 90 to 110 cm wide, however, models are consisting of 1 fixed part + 2 sliding doors, but these are rare.

In this case, it is important to carefully evaluate the quality of the sliding system, the solidity of the shower enclosure – especially when sliding the doors – the thickness of the glass, the door hooking and unhooking system (if available), the location of the sliding rails (on the upper or lower profile or both) and the materials used for the bearings.


Encumbrance: the advantage of a sliding door is the absence of external encumbrance and consequent draining of the door leaf.


Design: only a few of the latest design collections provide profiles with minimal visual impact and an aesthetically light structure.

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Unique sheets are enormously easy to clean but require time and dedication.


automatic sliding door release system

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minimal footprint

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doors without overlap