A special membrane that controls glass fragmentation

Excellent transparency, excellent resistance to scratching and abrasion, good heat resistance.

A concentrate of technology that makes glass a Tecnovetro, according to the UNI EN12600 standard. According to the provisions of UNI EN14428, the glass of a shower should be tempered, therefore with defined standards of fragmentation.

Cleaning can be performed with a method similar to that for normal glasses, but it is not recommended to perform mechanical actions with abrasive discs and / or tools. In fact, to avoid the risk of scratching the surface of the film in the action of sliding the dust particles, it is necessary to wash the surface itself to remove the dust and dirt present.

Subsequently, you can use the normal squeegee with rubber or clean with a soft cloth or sponges (non-abrasive) immersed in water. To degrease or better clean the surface, a normal glass cleaner can be used, avoiding, however, pure alcohol, strong detergent diluents, solvents and the like. If near the sea, in dusty places or near polluted production sites, frequent cleaning of the glass is recommended. Picture of a tempered glass after having suffered a break: very small fragments are formed, not dangerous for people.

Tempered glass when it breaks in the form of very small fragments that are not dangerous for people.

It is a tempered glass with a membrane thickness of 100 microns which controls the fragmentation of the glass in case of breakage, limiting the possible damage to the environment