Wellness by Megius



Your Wellness space completely customized

Aesthetic design, reliability and attention to detail have always been the standard of Megius products.

Multiple materials are used and juxtaposed together to make the proposed products unique. From different types of wood to glass to aluminum profiles, all tested for optimal operation while respecting tradition.

It starts from the precious Hemlock to the traditional Fir to get to the Cedar more than 7 types of strictly first choice wood, often combined with other materials such as glass or aluminum, all selected and subjected to rigorous quality controls, representing a wide range of aesthetic solutions used. in the construction of saunas. Finally, all the electrical components are already inserted in the walls of each sauna or hammam to allow the end user an optimal use of any solution.


Let yourself be enveloped by a cloud of steam saturated with aromas and fresh fragrances

let yourself be stimulated by hydromassage jets and cycles of energizing lights; letting yourself be carried away by music in magical atmospheres allows the senses to regain bio-dynamic balance.

All the benefits of the steam bath are combined with the most advanced technology:

transform your shower into a real hammam or choose from the range of Megius systems, ready to be installed or made to measure.

The simplicity of movement, the immediate intuitiveness of its function and the aesthetic cleanliness must be enhanced. An evolution, therefore, that draws inspiration from tradition, to evolve into a new expression of the state of the art


The hammam or Turkish bath ritual should become an indispensable daily habit because it allows you to stop and take care of your body and mind and offers various benefits such as:

• The dilation of blood vessels, so as to promote circulation

• Stimulates a deep cleansing of the skin by eliminating dead cells and toxins

• It has a relaxing and invigorating effect, helping the nervous system to fight daily stress and tension

• As sweating increases, the epidermis appears brighter, softer and more elastic